12 October 2005


Well, I got my hair highlighted. I had really wanted just some blonde tips, but my hairdresser convinced me to let him highlight it and that after I get it cut again in 3 weeks, it will just have tips. I don't know that I love it, but it was a change, and I have definately been wanting something different. I would love to have some blue tips or red or something kinda crazy. I never do anything like that anymore. I don' t know how the boss lady would feel about it, though! LOL

I have been watching Miami Ink and am totally jones'n for a tatt. I think I am going to really work on a design that I want and get it soon. I would like something rather large, on my back, sort of in the middle, below the 2 celtic knots that are on my shoulder blades. The kids want me to get their names or something. I have thought about it. It would be cool and they would love it.

I have had a kind of 'mindless' day at work. I got several things accomplished but maybe it is the sudefed, because I don't really know what I have been doing! LOL M is going with her mom after school today and so I sort of thought I would take E to see MADAGASCAR. We never saw it and I think he'd like it.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in Chickasha for work, so we can't do anything together after school. I have been trying to think of a good subject to write my political article about this week. It seems there is always so much going on, that it is hard to choose from. I have kind of isolated myself from the news this week, so all I know is that some study came out saying 9 out of 10 glbt kids say they are harrassed at school. I don't think that should be a suprise to anyone (except maybe straight people). I think the Million More people might have some gay speakers, but I don't think it is for certain. Anyone have any good ideas?

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