14 October 2005

Stealing Cable!

My phone hasn't been working today and Cox just came out. Apparently, my neighbors are stealing cable from me! Ticks me off. I cannot stand people like that. Apparently they got into the phone box and not the cable box? I don't know. What kind of people feel justified in stealing? Or tresspassing. They would have had to climb my back fence to get back there.


Looks as thought they spent quite a long time splicing and taping lines and making it look like it came from the pole to their house, but what they thought was a cable line, was my phone line. The cable guy said that if they actually ran it into their TV, it would have blown it out, because it has so much more power than a cable line. I thought that was cool and hope that is what happened. (Am I mean?)

It is apparently a federal offence to tamper with someone's phone lines, so they have a nice little notice of that on their front door now, and I guess he turns it in to his work and then they decide whether to prosecute or not.

LESSON: Do not steal cable.

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