21 December 2006

Go Rosie!

I watched The View yesterday and heard what Rosie said, I agree 100% with every bit of her words. I didn't know that Donald Trump was not a self made millionaire though, that his wealth actually comes from his father and he's bankrupted several times and was able to start over and pay off his creditors from his dad's money he inherited after he died. Interesting...but the other things she said as far as him thinking he is the moral authority of 20 year olds is ridiculous and I agree 100%.She called it yesterday too when she mentioned how sue happy he is and said "He's probably going to sue me". Apparently he is!!! What could he possibly sue her for? I think Donald Trump is overblown and I'm not impressed, I think he is a self important joke and clearly is a publicity whore.

I found info on his bankruptcies on Rosie's blog.

What's more, he has made some comment that she had better watch her partner and that he has some friends he can send over for her. What a thug.

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