11 December 2006


I know that it isn't every mom's dream to be a 'Stay At Home Mom' (SAHM) but I sure miss it. I took the last 11 days off from work, for vacation and I really loved being at home with the boys and fixing breakfast and lunch and playing and taking to and from school. I miss it a lot and I know that it isn't financially feasible for me to be at home right now, but I would do it in a heartbeat if it was.

Yes, there were times when I felt like I was going to lose it, because they weren't minding or were cranky. But for the most part, it really was a fun time for all of us (I think) and I am really envious of Jenn for being at home with them all the time.

I know that not all moms can be at home or want to be at home, but those that do are really getting something great, I think. I wouldn't trade all that extra time with my kids for anything.
I had a long, restful, nice vacation and am back at work today. I was off for eleven wonderful days! I loved being at home with the kids and Jenn and I really got a lot accomplished around the house. I "spring" cleaned! I also cleaned out the garage and then I hung Christmas lights on the house and put them in the yard. I did a ton of laundry (although you wouldn't know it now, don't do any for a few days and we're back to square one!).It was so hard to get up and come in to the office today. Although it has been a quiet day here and I have gotten a lot accomplished, I really have missed being home. Wish I could win the lottery so I could be a SAHM all the time! :)

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