19 January 2007


Memphis was great, except for the rain. We had a blast. We went to Graceland, The National Civil Rights Museusm, Beale Street.... we had some great BBQ at The Rendezvous and Rum Boogie Cafe (Eat, Drink, Boogie, Repeat). We took a horse and buggy ride through downtown and the boys thought that was awesome! It was rather fun! The downtown area has really changed since I was there last. It was great.The boys also got to be honorary duck masters at the Peabody Hotel and walk the ducks down the red carpet and up the elevator to their "penthouse". I think we were more excited then they were, though!All and all, a great little getaway. The boys got to swim one night, so they were in heaven. We actually got a little "snuggle" time, so that was cool, too.I would love to go back without the kids, espeically if we could get some friends to go along for the fun.

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