29 May 2007

What an INSANE weekend!

Well, we finally got rid (knock on wood) of the fleas in our house. It took a ton of spraying, then fogging, then some more spraying, then another fogging and we haven't seen any fleas now. What a NIGHTMARE. I have been treating the dogs and cat since March. They have been outside for 2 weeks now while we have tried to get the fleas out of the house. It really has been nuts. I have spent a small fortune on it. I am about ready to give away our dogs and cat!

They got flea baths, I treated the yard, they have on flea collars and I just put on some Frontline. Last night when I went outside to fill up their water bowl - you guessed it. I was still finding fleas on them.

I guess I am just going to have to take them to the vet and have them dipped. I don't know what else to do. It is crazy.

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ANITA said...

I have so been there. I found out I had fleas in my home March of last year and here we are in June and I finally think the infestation is gone for about two months now.

Do your kids have stuffed animals? If you haven't done this yet, consider making space in your freezer and freezing them. Of course, that is hard to do if you don't have a chest freezer. Fleas' bodies are made mostly of water and it will kill them.

Taking your pets to the vet would be wise. I am sure you miss having them around and it will make them able to come back. I had to have my cat Juliet dipped because she wound up with flea bite dermatitis.

There's a nifty web site called Petshed.com where you can get Frontline Plus at knockoff prices. Frontline Plus will even kill the eggs.

Best of luck to you with your flea problem. They have a nasty habit of resurfacing when you least expect it!