16 July 2007

We had SUN this weekend!!!

It's true. It was sunny all weekend and DIDN'T rain! Can you believe it? We watched some movies Friday night. It was so nice Saturday, we took the boys to the pool and ended up staying most of the day. They had a blast. So did I. It was so great to see how well they are swimming and E just kept going down the slides over and over and over again. He was so proud of himself and so was I.

We were beat after all that. We had some dinner and the boys watched THE LAST MIMZY and fell asleep. Jenn fell asleep on the sofa around 6pm and we were just all around tired from the sun and swimming and playing.

We spent a lazy day on Sunday catching up on our DVR'd stuff and we let the boys play on the XBox most of the afternoon. Their computer is dead, so I have felt bad that they haven't had that to play on all week.

Our hot water heater is working great. Yay! Jenn still has some more on her English paper to do. It is due tomorrow. Ugh. I am so sorry that she did summer school now. It has not been a good experience for her at all.

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