06 December 2007


I know it isn't very festive or holiday-ish, but my car insurance and my home insurance is always due the last week of December, so it is always on my mind during the holidays!

But this year, I took the initative to actually shop around and get some new quotes from other companies before I just paid the bills. I think it is very important to shop around for everything. I didn't do it last year and my car insurance bill was HUGE! I should have, but instead I just paid it. I found out this year that I can save almost $500 this year if I switch my car insurance to another provider. I spent this morning getting all the information in order and faxed over so that it will be switched in time. Nothing makes me happier than saving some money and saving $500 is HUGE!

I have been thinking that with the savings I will get, I should probably go ahead and invest in some life insurance. It would be the wise decision and money well-spent. It would be easy to go off and blow it on Christmas gifts or something like that, but knowing that my family is covered in the event of my demise is important. Since we are a young, growing family, whose financial needs are high, I would worry that in the event of my death, the resources would be insufficient to cover their needs. I do have a small whole life policy that accrues value; however, a good term life policy would be a good idea for us, too.

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