13 April 2008

Nice Weekend

Really, it was a nice week. I had off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from work. I was a bum, I slept in, I did a little work in the yard and I hung out with E a lot. It was a nice way to end the week. Mom and Dad ended up taking E home with them on Friday night when they were leaving the city from dinner with friends and he stayed the whole weekend. He had a blast driving the g0-cart, but more than that, he is riding a bike (with training wheels). He rode it all over, round and round the circle drive. He was so excited when he was telling me about it.

Jenn and I went to Harold and Bryan's Annual Pink Party and it was fun. I had a little too much pink punch (with vodka) and started to feel odd. Vodka and I are just not friends. I was so glad to run into Monty there! I hadn't seen him in forever!

We worked on the last of our tax stuff today and I am getting ready to go pick up E from my mom. It was such a nice week(end).

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