08 May 2008

Aging Parent Issues

I have a couple of friends who are caring for an aging parents. I have watched my mom care for her mother (who had Alzheimer's disease) after my grandfather's death. Now I am watching my dad and his sisters care for my Grandfather.

I read a really great blog entry at Davy's Locker about aging parent issues. So many people are dealing with this and he is, too. His mother has Alzheimer's disease. He talked about a program called Community Life - a type of day care for seniors and their main goal is to care for seanior's health and well being so that they can live in their homes and continue to be active. What a terrific program!

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Dave49 said...

Thanks for you article. Their are Community Life type programs all over the country. They have various but similar names and can be found by searching for adult day care. Basically, a person needs to meet certain requirements of income and abilities and then the program is paid for in full by Medicaid. My mother was approved, but then got suddently too bad to begin the program. Evidently, the person must be able to at least go through and orientation and then once in the program , if their disabilities get worse, the program will care for them even if it means transferring them to a permanent nursing home. It was a shame that my mother didn't get the chance to participate. She is now in a nursing home.