09 May 2008

The Neighborhood Pub

This is my daily online hangout. It is one of the most amazing groups of women that I have ever 'hung out' with. We have a blast. The Neighborhood Pub is an online message board. You can chat about whatever on the Patio and there are also many different forums for whatever it is you are into. Raisin' Our Halfpints to talk about your kids, Beauty on Tap for the latest in fashion and make up, the Tip Jar where you can get and give your 2 cents!

Their blog says: It has been said that the pub is the heart of a community. Well, the purpose of The Neighborhood Pub is the same that any neighborhood pub has been doing for generations - creating a community. It is a place to go and let off some steam, to laugh with friends, to play a game or argue politics. It is a place to drown your sorrows, share lifes joys, or just gossip with the girls.

Belly up to the bar, girls! It's a cool place to hang!

1 comment:

Alexis Jacobs said...

The Pub rocks :)