30 May 2008

One Week!

We leave in exactly one week to go on vacation! Well, it is a working vacation for me, but a vacation, none the less. Registration for the conference starts Friday night and the conference goes Saturday through Tuesday morning. We are actually going to go to NYC on Tuesday morning, though. Yay!

Our friends, Anne and Heather moved to DC about a year ago and we had hoped to get to see them, but they are leaving for vacation on Saturday. We are trying to make a plan to meet up for a drink or something on Friday afternoon. I hope we can.

Dawn is going to be coming into DC early on Saturday morning and hanging out with Jenn all day while I am at my 9-4 Development Workshop. Mish and Michelle will be in town on Saturday too! Saturday night, we are all going on a Lights of DC trolly tour. It should be really fun. I am looking very forward to haning out with all of them and seeing the sights!

Dawn has to leave Sunday to go back home. Sharon is coming into town at some point on Sunday or Monday!! I cannot remember now. Mish and Michelle are driving back to NYC on Sunday. Patti gets into DC sometime late Sunday, I think. I need to check everyone schedules!

Patti and Jenn get to hang out together Monday, while I am in meetings and then we are all going to NYC Tuesday morning! WOOT! We are staying until Saturday morning! I am STOKED! Jenn and I have tickets to see Gypsy on Wednesday afternoon. I think Mish and Michelle do too. It was just nominated for 4 Tony's! I knew it would be. Patti LuPone is just INCREDIBLE!

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