08 May 2008


Many of us will say that this country is in a recession, despite the fact that our President denies it. I am seeing some of my friends beginning to struggle financially and even at our house, there are less restuarant meals, because I have had to pay so much more for gas and the grocery bill has also been higher.

I was perusing the internets *snicker* and found a great blog post about this very topic. It was at Sierra Sage. The just of the idea is that it isn't just the sub-prime fallout and price of gas that has "all the sudden" put us in this state. She links to an article about it and it really talks about how we have to look at the state of our economic health for many years now. We have been on a path leading to this. American consumer spending habits (public debt) and "free" trade agreements are two things that have helped us along.

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sbvor said...

It is increasingly unlikely that we are currently in a recession:
The Recession of 2008 That Wasn’t?