03 June 2008


Jennifer has been VERY fortunate to have received multiple scholarships and grants to help her go back to school. I have been really proud of her. She is getting a scholarship this coming semester from Phi Theta Kappa for being an officer (she is the Vice President of Service). It will pay for 6 credit hours this fall and 6 credit hours next Spring! I am really proud of her.

I would encourage ANYONE to go back to school, if it is a dream of yours to go. It has been a bit of a financial struggle in the beginning, but she recieved FAFSA at the very start and as she took classes and made good grades, she began applying for more financial assistance and began receiving it. Her grants and scholarships have gone above and beyond paying for her classes and go to help with books, tutors and luckily, she has been able to have some money left over for living expenses.

Check out your local community colleges and jr. colleges. Find out what kind of assistance they offer and what kind of training programs, certifications and associates degrees they offer. After I finished my Associates degree, I was able to go back to my old job and make more money than I had been previously. I hope to go back in the Fall of 2009 and finsh my Bachelors.

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