07 July 2008

Back in Town

We are back from Eureka Springs. We had a nice time. We stayed at the Land O' Nod again and it was fun. They have a great pool and it was nice to go swimming - the first time I had this summer, unfortunately. On top of that, the price is right.

We got in around midnight friday night and crashed and burned. Our wedding planner called early Saturday morning, so we got up pretty early and went for some food. We had to be up at the Crescent Hotel around 1:30 to meet the Officiant, then have the cake tasting at the Crystal Ballroom at 2pm and meet the photographer at 2:30 pm.

We got so much accomplished and we are going to have a banana creme cake. It was so delish! We met with Melody and her photographs are just amazing! We cannot wait for her to do the photography. We are also going to get a video, which isn't something that I had planned on doing. Jenn is pretty happy. I think she got everything she wanted and Melody really worked with us on the price.

We had a leisurely Sunday. We went and had bruch at the Crescent (which was fabulous as always) and took a nap (what a concept!) and swam a little. We took a drive and stopped at some antique shops and found exactly what we were looking for! Bobeches at a great little white and creme store! They were exactly what we had been looking for! We found an antique mall having 20-70% off of all kinds of things and got tons of crystal and glass candlesticks and 2 candlabras for the reception. They are just beautiful!

It was nice to be out of town, just the two of us, doing nothing.

Monday, we got up early and left for Springfield. We got to Joyce's and she took us to the florist's place. We decided on the flowers and centerpieces for the reception tables. They are going to be in silver bowls. It is going to beautiful! Then we went to the linen store and decided to do all brown satin table cloths and ivory and champagne runners. It is just going to be fabulous!

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