21 July 2008


We had a nice weekend. We all went to Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill for lunch and then walked down the river walk to the movie theater. Jenn and I went to see Mama Mia! and the boys went to the play center and when our movie was over, we suprised them and took them to see Space Chimps (which was HORRIBLE - and I love animated stuff). They liked it though, so I guess that is what counts.

After the movies, we went to the T-Mobile store to see if it was time for me to get the phone credit and it was! Jenn decided on a new phone (finally) and picked a Blackberry Curve. We used her phone credit to get her mom a new phone about 6 months ago and since I bought my Blackberry Pearl via eBay about 6 months ago, I didn't need (or want) a new phone yet. They didn't have any of the gold one's left, so we had to come back on Sunday.

We ran over to the candy store to look for different kinds of candy that we want to use for the candy bar at the wedding. We found some great things.... jelly bellies and m&m's and all kinds of things!

We ended up going to dinner at Red Lobster (it was so good) and then heading home. We were out most of the day and had a good time.

Sunday, we got up and did somethings around the house. Jenn's mom asked us to come over for dinner and to go swimming, so we said we would be there around 5pm. We went back to T-Mobile and they were totally out of the gold bb curve. They called a store in Norman, and they held one for us (since we were headed that way to Jenn's mom's place). We stopped in JC Penny and found TONS of boys clothes on sale and ended up buying the boys some back to school clothes and clothes for the wedding! I was so happy. I wanted to find them some dark brown dress shorts and we found some. We got them a very cute button-down shirt to go with it.

After we left JC Penny, we headed to Norman and the T-Mobile store there. We picked up the phone, stopped at the market for some things for dinner and then over to Debi's house. The boys were STARVING so we cooked hot dogs and baked beans and Jenn had picked up potato and macarroni salads. It was really good and totally hit the spot. Then we got our suits on and went to swimming.

The boys brought their new water guns that we bought for them on Saturday when we were at Bass Pro Shop. They were super soakers and they were crazy! We played really hard and swam a lot and everyone was exhausted when we headed home around 9PM. Both the boys fell asleep in the car before we even left Norman!

It was a good weekend, although I didn't get much of the cleaning out of the garage and my room done as I had wanted to. Seems like that is always the case! LOL

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Sounds like a relaxing weekend. What did you think of Mama Mia? I am so wanting to go but DH would have to be hit by lightening before he went with me. LOL