10 November 2008


So I have been having some issues with my knee since the last week of October. I used to have problems, years and years ago, but nothing for a long time. It just started hurting very badly the weekend before Halloween and I eneded up in the ER on that Sunday. They did some x-rays and got me an appointment with a specialist the next Tuesday. I went in and talked to him. He felt I had some arthritis and that most likely I would need to have some orthoscopic surgery to go in and smooth out the cartledge. I went in and had an MRI. I worked from home all week so I could stay off of it and worked all last week and did okay. It was a little sore today and tonight while I was cooking dinner something happened. It did't pop, I didn't hear a sound, but it felt as though a little rubber band snapped inside my knee. That's the only way I can explain it. It is swollen and hurting now. I am glad I have my MRI follow up appointment in the morning. It just sucks.


Alexis Jacobs said...

((hugs)) I hope the dr is able to give you some relief.

Anonymous said...


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