18 February 2009

Getting healthy

Ok. I was so good before the holidays. I was eating hardly any carbs, only one soda a day and no fast food. Fast-forward two months. I have gained back the weight I lost. I know that some of this is because of the knee surgery and not being able to move for several weeks. I am just now really getting the use back.

I went to the market this morning and bought pistachios, cheeses, some Hewbrew National's and some sliced turkey, sweet potatoes for baking, organic peanut butter, rice cakes, blueberries, DanActive, apples, pears, Tylenol Arthritis and a Women's multi-vitamin. Oh, and some tiramasu creamer for my coffee (my splurge).

Back to whole wheat pasta and no bread. Back to tons of chicken and fish and veggies. I know I will feel better and it will hopefully motivate me to get back to the YMCA to work out! Maybe I will go tonight and E can do the kids' class at 6:30pm. He loves that. Last night I took him up there and he played basketball in the gym for about 30 minutes. We had a parent meeting about soccer. He is so bummed that basketball is over. Soccer starts in a couple of weeks, though and hopefully he will love that because he is my little runner. I call him "Dash" because he is quick. Next year he will be old enough for track.

I sure don't want him to have to deal with a weight problem, especially on top of his diabetes. His sugar has been a little out of whack the past week. It's like we just cannot get it at a constant. It's either too high or too low. It's been frustrating.

Part of it is probably that we have been eating out a lot because Jenn has been swamped with school and homework. She is taking 15 hours this semester and it is just a LOT. Her accounting takes up tons of her time. Maybe I should go grocery shopping for her tonight?


Anonymous said...

honey you are so kind. I'd love it if you went ot the market and got some healthy snacks for me and for our family. I love you.

Jenn (who can't remember her damn password to sign in)

Mish said...

I hear you Stacey it is so hard and a constant battle. You will get there.. (((hugs)))

Alexis Jacobs said...

You can do this... Hang in there!