25 July 2010

So long since last posted....

Well, we found "the" house in Norman. We found a couple we liked, actually and spent a few weeks going back and forth on which one we liked best and then we stumbled onto a FISBO in The Vineyard and that sealed it for us. We loved the house and loved the neighborhood.

We closed on March 19th and moved May 21st. Wow, what a process, but it is SO worth it. We just love it here. There are over 20 kids on our street that are close to the boys age. They have made lots of friends and had a really great summer, playing video games at friends houses, riding bikes, playing basketball, going swimming (many of the houses have pools). It has been awesome!

The boys had an awesome joint birthday party right after we moved in, complete with an inflatable moonbounce and water slide. It was cool and all the kids in the neighborhood came. It was good to meet the kids and parents and introduce ourselves.

What else? Jenn graduated from OSU-OKC in May. That was a step in the right direction. She starts at OU in the fall. Two more years! I am excited for her and she is a little apprehensive about the size of the campus and the classes. It is so much bigger than OSU-OKC, but I know she is going to do great!

E went to Diabetes Day Camp (Camp Nohilo) in June and had fun. He is looking forward to Diabetes Sleep-away camp (Camp Endres) on August 1. A week from today we will be driving him to Davis. Wow. Mom is a little nervous but excited for him.

K starts his tennis "camp" tomorrow. He has lessons M-Th at Westwood Tennis Center. He is excited. We bought him a new racquet yesterday. It is cool. Red and black.

My sister had her baby on July 2. A little girl they named Lily. We still haven't been able to get to Dallas to see her. E and I were going to drive down on Thursday and see her and my nephew and sister. I am excited. I miss being around a baby!

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