27 October 2005


I am jonesin' for a tattoo ... i have been looking at flash all night and I am so ready to get another. I know I said that after this last one, I was through, but that was 4 years ago and I have waited too long. This time I think I will be a little smarter and have it outlined and go back for color, because 5 hours was too long - maybe I am a wimp?

I can't sleep (probably because I have been online looking at flash - duh!) and so I thought I would write something. I wish I wasn't allergic to the red ink, because I found an awesome tat with flames on it. I wonder if I could do blue and purple flames?? Hmmm...There is just something about the buzz of that gun that is like a drug to me. I was getting my hair cut last week and he turned the clippers on to do the back and it reminded me of that tattoo gun and all I can think about since then is getting another.

Anyway... guess I will dream about it... cause I can't do it tonight!I have also been downloading movies from MovieLinks all night and last night too. I am always a sucker for the 99 cent sale. I bought 15 movies. I am FINALLY going to get to see Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2 as well as some other "halloweenish" type stuff.

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