26 October 2005

My Day...

Gave Keli no mercy today at the office.... lol.... geez, I love makin' her life hell. Definately made the day go along faster. We worked on a grant for a volunteer drive and talked about helping Oklahoma County CASA with their reindeer painting. I think we are going to try to do 10 for them. (The auction off these 3 foot wooden reindeer that are painted.) They have a lot this year, and not many people to paint them. Fun fun fun!

Joshua has been gone to a Leadership Conference in New Mexico this week. There were meetings all day (thank goodness I didn't have to sit in on any) and I worked on some of the stuff for my Nov. 7 meeting.

Picked up kids, ate at Mickey D's... M is riding her bike with some of the neighborhood kids and E is playing games on the computer. I guess I should holler at M to come home, it's starting to get dark out. Chloe is barking everytime they ride by. Nevermind... yay! She came home on her own!! That's a first!

Let's see... what else? Not much. Reconciling bank accounts, laundry, a bunch of mundane things. I bought a bunch of movies to download (rent) and can't wait to see Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2

That's all folks!

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