07 December 2005


Ok... I am freezing my ass off at Northpark Mall at the ridiculous Oklahoma County CASA "reindeer store". I have been here since 10 am and have about 45 minutes left until I can leave. It sucks. At least my Dayquil has kicked in, so I am not totally miserable... and of course, thank the gods that i have wifi or I would be dying. Only one person has stopped in, and they looked around for about 30 seconds and left. They are overpriced, wooden reindeer that no one wants. I was half-way thinking that it would at least be interesting to sit and watch women across the hall at the lingerie shoppe, but oh no... it is all old ladies going in there and all their bras are white and beige. Ick... no fun.

Mostly the mall is full of "mall walkers"... young moms with strollers gossiping together as they walk, little old couples who hold hands and smile knowingly at each other. There are many older women who go next door to the tap dance classes. There are many grandmas with toddlers - which means I have sat and listened to the screaming of small children for several hours now. *rolling eyes*

I wanna go home.

I pick up M today - yay! I don't know what we are going to do for dinner. I swear, if I have to go to the grocery store AGAIN! I haven't really done well with getting things that I really need. Looks like it might be a sausage and eggs kind of night! I might start up the crock pot in the morning and make a pot of beans. It is so cold, everything sounds good.

I soooo need to be thinking of getting my house in order. The Christmas party I am hosting is in a week and a half. ugh! I really need to steam clean the entire house. Perhaps the kids and I can start getting everything put away in hopes that I can get it totally cleaned next week.
I am so dreading housework.

On the best note, my day started wonderfully as I woke up with my lady-love beside me. It is crazy to me, since I haven't ever really been a "spend the night" kinda girl, but I love it. I hate waking up alone anymore. I want to end and start each day curled up next to her.

Til next time....

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