30 October 2006


We went to the Omniplex on Friday night and they did the SPOOKTACULAR. It was fun. They had a haunted laboratory where they made slime and blood. There was a graveyard where they had to find different species of bugs, snakes, lizards and spiders. There were all kinds of activities with bats, skeletons and snakes and a dark maze where they wore a miners hat. They had a lot of fun and so did we.

Saturday, we went to Chickasha to hang out with my parents and we spent the night and all day Sunday. The boys had a blast and so did Jenn and I. My mom's birthday was Sunday and the whole family went to eat at Napoli and it was really good. We didn't make it to Nancy's farm to see E's donkey, though, so we will have to get back soon.

We are going to go over to Amanda and Nikki's for Trick or Treat and let the boys TOT with Alexander. It should be fun. E is Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) and K is the Green Power Ranger (Mysitc Force). They are very cute!

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