11 November 2006


Have had a relatively nice and productive day. M entertained the boys all morning and afternoon. They played, watched movies and worked on a art "project". She is so good at coming up with little projects for them to do together. The boys had a blast.

Jenn and I caught up on a couple of QAF episodes while they watched Curious George and then we all had lunch together and played a game. M went home and the boys laid down to take a nap. I cleaned out our closet while Jenn worked on her algebra study guide and then took her test. She made a 91 and I am so proud of her. She is working so hard to get an A in that class.

I even dusted the back room and the fan! UGH!!

I made the boys dinner tonight (chicken strips, fries, apple slices and baby carrots) and then grilled us a couple of steaks, baked potatoes, salad and rolls. It was so good. We have been working on our blogs and laying around talking. I just ran to the store to get milk, bread, bananas, stuff like that and we put the boys to bed.

I am thinking it would be nice to curl up with a movie or play some POGO together. Something like that. We will see what progresses *winks*

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