07 December 2006

Heifer International

Remember the movie Pay It Forward from 2000? Staring Kevin Spacy, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. The idea was to make the world a better place by doing something nice for someone as a way of “paying back” the something nice done for you by someone else. In other words “pay it forward, not back.” Pay It Forward’s idea about making the word a better place isn’t a whole lot different from Heifer International’s Passing on the Gift cornerstone principle. Each family that receives a Heifer animal and training “passes on” offspring to another family. This passing on can continue for generations, and change the lives of entire villages. Click to see a video “Passing on the Gift”The best gift is one that can keep on giving and one that really makes an impact on those receiving it.

Make a donation today! Give the life-changing gift of a Heifer International animal.

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