04 December 2006

Productive Weekend

I spent the weekend cleaning out the garage! OMG! What a crazy day. Our garage is crazy and full of all kinds of stuff. Jenn's mom is keeping some things here, Jenn has stuff from when she moved here in Feb, and I still have all kinds of stuff from moving here four years ago! Crazy, I know. But... one of the best things, is that I got rid of junk, shifted boxes and furniture around, to make enough room for Jenn to have one of the stalls for parking! Wow! What a thought... parking a CAR in a garage! LOL

The garage door has been broken, but I spent an hour messing with it and rigging it up and it works now, so she won't have to run kids through snow or rain to the car to take and pick up from school and the like. I am so glad that I got that done. That was my biggest goal of the weekend.

I replaced light bulbs around the house and now we have light! What a thought! Hehe. (The porch light, garage door lights, back porch light and bulbs in the boys rooms all went out this week!) I got the living room and den re-arranged and the tree is pretty much finished.

The boys picked up their room and their toy room. I vacuumed and did a little laundry. Jenn did the dishes and worked on her Algebra homework, took a quiz and did the review. She has a final this week. ugh I was really proud of her, though. She figured it out all by herself. She is rockin' as a student!

Tomorrow I am going to start hanging the lights on the house. I cannnot wait. They are the lights with the screw in bulbs. I think they are going to look awesome!

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