22 December 2006

Office Party

Well, our office party is today at noon. We all brought food to eat and gifts to exchange. We did a 'secret santa'. No one is feeling like working today! We all have next week off (paid - yay)! I am so glad. I know I just took vacation a few weeks ago, but I got spoiled being home with Jenn and the boys and miss it already!

It would be nice to figure out how to work from home. I wish that were a possibility. I just don't know what I would do?! I have thought about it and thought about it, but I just cannot come up with any kind of business that I could start. I really don't even mind if I could find a part time job somewhere, as long as it paid as much as I am making now.

On top of all that, I called my friend who is a contractor to come over to the house next week sometime to see about giving us an estimate on the things we need fixed/changed. I am looking forward to that!

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