30 January 2007

The Crud

Eli is home today from school with a fever and "the crud" as my mom always referred to it. I sure hope that I don't get it. He has been good. He slept all morning, then got up and had a little lunch and has been hanging out with me on the sofa watching a movie this afternoon. He feels better, but I am definately going to have him lay low this weekend.

Jenn went to Ft. Hood to see her friend, Joe who is coming home from Iraq today. She is very excited to see him. He has been gone for 15 months now and is glad to be home for Christmas. He said he will probably have to go back, but at least he will be home for the holidays.

She is supposed to call me when the soldiers get there. It has been a long wait today, I think, after a really long drive.

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