29 January 2007


We have been remodeling the house in full force since the first of Jan. It is amazing what all we have done. We have half the house repainted, ripped out the carpets and put down wood floors, and we got new living and dining room furniture - and are working on something for the den.

This week, we will have the halls and kitchen painted, and maybe the full bath. We also are having a new toilet and sink put into the full bathroom. Yay!

Then we will only have the bedrooms and the sun room and we will have a completely "new" house. It is amazing!

The painting was finished in the den, dining and living rooms the week before. The wood floors were put down last week. He finished it at 8pm on Friday night so that the furniture for the dining and living rooms could be delivered on Saturday. Yay, despite the weather, they delivered it!!

It just looks stunning! It looks so new and not at all like some old house from 1938!

Now I have to go in and paint (white) all the trim in the hallways and back bathroom. Then the painter can come back and do the walls in both halls, the bathroom and the kitchen. I am also going to replace the toilet and sink in the back bathroom.

The front bath is another story. It is pink tile (floor and 2/3 of the walls) and I just want to get rid of that, so it will probably be a project for later on. But we are getting there.Then I want to tackle painting the boys room and their play room. Then the master bedroom and the sun room. It is a lot to do, but I hope that by this time next year, we are finished!


mouse8185 said...
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Kim said...

Looks great! I LOVE that color!!!