29 January 2007

New Year's Eve

Well, since we didn't have sitters for the boys, despite having been invited to one helluva party, we decided to stay the night downtown with them at The Renaissance Hotel. We went down to Bricktown and ate at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill and then brought the boys back and let them swim for a few hours. It was great. They had the pool to themselves, so they could be as rowdy and obnoxious as they wanted to be!

We let them have a late night snack and watch ANT BULLY on their portable dvd player. We would go to the balcony or window every once in awhile when a band would march by or something interesting was going on. E fell asleep about 10 pm, but K was determined to stay up to midnight, so he could see the fireworks. He fell asleep (no kidding) about 10 til midnight! I didn't want to wake him, because he was out and snoring.

We couldn't really see the fireworks from our room anyway, because we were faced away from them. We saw their reflection on the Sheraton next door (glass windows). But it was a really fun evening and the best thing is that the boys had fun and we had fun spending time with them. I wish I would have thought about it a little, and I would have gotten them party hats, leis and some of that sparkling grape juice.

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