16 February 2007


Yay! It is friday! I am so glad. It has been a LONG ASS WEEK! With so many little fires to be put out at work recently, I am just very excited to have the next couple of days off, in fact, it's three, because we have President's Day off!

I have new towel bars, hooks and a toilet paper holder to put on, in the full bath this weekend. I also have blinds to put up in the sun room. I hope that it isn't going to take me all day. I am planning on coming to my office on Sunday or Monday and painting it. Whoopppeee... I am excited about having it another color (instead of this drab, dirty, flat blue) but I really dread painting it.

E has bball practice tonight and a game tomorrow morning at 9:45! ugh. but at least it will be over with early. There is a Chinese New Year Festival out at the gold dome on 23rd and Classen that stars at 10, so I was thinking we might check that out (if it is warmer than the 12F with icy winds that we are having right now).

So, yet another busy weekend, and I have to get some rest, too. I am beat.

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