19 March 2007

Awesome Weekend

We have had a great weekend! I took Friday and Monday off work. We went to Dallas on Friday with the boys and stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool. We met our friend Cocomuffin and her daughter for dinner at Pappasito's (Jenn's favorite) and then I took the boys swimming for awhile. They had a lot of fun.

We got up and had some breakfast and Jenn worked on Algebra (quiz) and the boys watched cartoons and played on their Gameboys. Then we went to my sister's house for my nephew's first birthday party! Wow. It was amazing. Their were kids everywhere and a moon bounce, awesome swingset and hot dogs and burgers. It was a lot of fun. E stayed with my parents and spent the night at Shelley's and we took K to his grandparents and went back home. We spent a nice evening together and then got up and had a lazy Sunday.

Then, we drove to Tulsa and went to see Lily Tomlin Live! It was great. It was about 90% women there, mostly lesbian. We ran into our friend, Shannon with her partner sitting on the same row as us! Small world!

I was in HEAVEN to actually be seeing her live. She was fantastic! It was the most fun. Then we went out for a late dinner at a great little italian place and hit the sack. We got up today and were lazy (again, yay) and then spent some time window shopping (Jenn at the Coach store, help!) and went for her birthday lunch at Bourbon Street. Then we headed home and have been bums, watching some things we DVR'd and playin' around online.

What a great little mini-vacation! The boys come home in the morning! I miss them!

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