29 March 2007

HB 1309

I am really excited to see that this bill has passed committee and will go to a vote. It is called the "Diabetes Management in Schools Act". It is going to make sure that a diabetes management plan is in place at public schools for each student that has diabetes. It will also make sure that there is a designated, trained person to assist the students with their plans. Like at E's school, the nurse isn't full time and luckily his teacher has been great about learning how to check his sugar and looking for signs of hypoglycemia, but other than the training we have given her and the things she has read, that is all she knows. If he needs a shot, we have to go up there to give it to him.

We have had a lot of great support from E's school on his diabetes treatment, but I think that this is just another step toward making sure that there are trained personnel there to help kids with their treatment.

I was even happier to see that Rep. Winchester had co-authored the bill. She is a family friend. It means a lot to me and my family, personally, but it is a great stride in educating people about diabetes.

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