28 April 2007

Disney Family Vacation

Our family went to Disney World summer and had the time of our lives. The boys and I got out the album last night and look at the pictures from our trip and they talked on and on and on about all the things we did. I think that the Buzz Lightyear ride was their favorite. We went on it over and over again!

We spent one day at Typhoon Lagoon and it was incredible. There was an amazing play area for toddlers. They had their own smaller water slides and fountains to play in. We all played in the massive wave pool. There was also sandy "beaches" around the pools, so the kids could build sand castles. It was like being on the beach!

Another fun thing that we did was the Medieval Times Dinner Show. It was so cool. We cheered for the blue knight and E was all about it. He loves knights. Before the show, we had some drinks and the boys got virgin strawberry daquiries in blinking light-up cups. They loved those cups and we have used them over and over again until they finally blinked out. They got their pictures taken to look like knights, too. They loved that.

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