30 April 2007

We had such a nice weekend. The weather was great! I came home from work on Friday and mowed the lawn and finised up trimming the hedges. We had a great chicken fried steak dinner and played a game with the boys before going to bed.

We got up on Saturday and cleaned the house. M came over around 10:30 and played with E and K and then my mom came over about 11:30 and we went to the boys soccer game. They played great and won! Yay!

K went with his granparents for the weekend from the game and we all went downtown to the Arts Festival. It was soooo crowded, but the indian tacos and stawberries napoleon were fabulous! The kids made some fun light switch plates, sun catchers and wands in a kid's area. Jenn and I shared a dippin' dots and then we all went home.

Jenn and I took a nap while mom hung out and watched a movie with M and E and then E went home with her for the night. M went home and Jenn and I worked on her algebra quiz (not well, I sucked) and then got ready and went to see the Oklahoma City Philharmonic with Bebe Neuwirth as the special guest.

She was fabulous!

Yesterday was sort of a lazy morning. It was nice that no little one's woke us up! I got the dogs bathed, the fish tank cleaned, the back yard mowed and picked up E and got dog food. We spent some time playing Lego Star Wars on XBOX. Then I made spaghetti and meatballs and after dinner, E and I watched Star Wars V.We are going to finish watching it tonight. He wants a Star Wars Birthday Party (15 days until he is 5!!)

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