18 April 2007

So very sad

I know that it is all over the media right now and I am almost 'tired' of hearing about it all, because it is just so sad and just a tragedy, but I cannot help but think about the students, staff and alumni at Virginia Tech. I cannot imagine what all they are going through and what they will continue to go through as all of this plays out.

I was very suprised to find out last night, on the news, how easy it is to buy a gun in Virginia. There is no waiting period! I know that it isn't the most popular thing (in my neck of the woods) to be for gun control, but I am. I really don't see why people need hand guns at all. It is my opinion.

I think that if you look at countries with strict gun control, you find that the amount of gun violence they exeperience is low.

I hope that we get some stronger gun laws out of this horrible incedent.

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