15 June 2007

Kiva Update

I was so excited to get an update on one of the women who Jenn and I helped loan money to, through KIVA. We are SO PROUD to be involved with Dr. Bonyo and her gynecological practice and want to support her work as much as we can. She is not only improving her business, but improving the lives of families in her community. Thank you KIVA for giving her (and us) this opportunity!

Dr. Bonyo has been a practicing gynecologist since 1984. Her clinic currently handles over 30 deliveries per month and she has three children of her own. She used her first loan from her MFI to purchase a spectrophotometer and a caloritic meter, allowing her to perform urine and liver function tests at her clinic rather than go through the cumbersome process of outsourcing all lab work. Her second and third loans, both helped purchase an X-Ray machine. For her the loans have been “a dream come true,” her clinic can now perform almost all routine gynecological services as well as other basic medical surgeries and treatments. Her brand new X-ray machine, is the pride of the clinic and has fully solidifed her private practice as a premier medical facility for reproductive care. In the past two years her staff has expanded from 22 workers to 35, and she has also added additional beds. If she receives a fourth loan, she hopes to purchase an ultrasound scan of her own to replace the one she used to borrow from a friend until recently when she had to return it.
Kisumu Medical & Education Trust (K-MET)
Posted by Colin Chazen from Kisumu, Kenya Jun 11, 2007

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