18 June 2007

What a weekend!

Well, it was a fun and crazy weekend at the old homestead! I got to leave the office at noon (after my stop to the post office) and then we all got in the car and headed for McDonald's, the one with the Play Place. We ate with the kids and let them play for about an hour.

We stopped by Incredible Pizza to put the deposit down on K's birthday party. Then we had to run by 2 different grocery stores so K could pick out his cake (he was supposed to be at his dad's until June 25 and we didn't think we could do it any other time). Then we ran to Newcastle to make a deposit at the bank.

We ran by Hobby Lobby so I could pick up my Limpicka reproduction that I had stretched. It is beautiful.

While we were at Hobby Lobby, they picked out some 'suncatchers' and paints to paint for their dads and granddads. So when we got home, they sat down at the kitchen table and painted. Then M went home, K went to his dad's and E laid down and took a nap. I wanted to take a nap. I was exhausted!

Saturday, we spent most of the morning working on Jenn's algebra. We finished Chpt 2 and took the quiz and then finished all but a few problems on chapter 3. Then we went and got some lunch and ran a few errands and my parents met us back at the house at 4pm and took E with them for the evening.

We finished up the Algebra homework and quiz and then Jenn and I had a CASA fundraiser to help with. We did that from about 5:30 to 9:00 and then were so tired, we left and went to get some dinner and went home to bed! But the fundraiser was great and we raised a lot of money for CASA!

Sunday, we sort of slept in a little bit, then got ready and went to Chickasha for Father's Day lunch at my grandparents. E was there and had been to Sunday School and he was telling me all about Jonah and the Whale! LOL We ended up sticking around most of the afternoon. E and dad took a nap, so Jenn and I went shopping for her some new clothes and K a few birthday presents.

We got back and started a movie with mom called BREACH. But then E woke up and we couldn't really give all our attention to it (and we NEEDED to, to understand it!). Hopefully we can rent it soon.We had some pizza and then K called and wanted to come home, so we left for OKC and picked him up and he hadn't had dinner, so we decided, since it was his birthday, to go to Windsor Lanes and bowl a game and have some food.

The boys had a blast and so did we. It was fun and we will definitely have to take them back for more bowling. Then we came home and had a little cake and opened presents and they watched a cartoon and drew and then went to bed. I went shortly after. I was BEAT!

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