26 June 2007

What a day!

We had a crazy day yesterday, but it was a LOT of fun. M came over yesterday morning and hung out and played with E until his swim lesson. Jenn took her with them and K met up with them at the lesson. It was actually half-way decent yesterday early (it has been raining everyday) and so they all stayed at the pool afterward and had fun and E was sliding by himself down the water slides! Yay!

Then, Jenn took them to the mall. Carrie cut her hair and trimmed up the boys hair. They looked so great! They had some lunch in the food court and came by my office to show off their new cuts! So cute! Jenn's is really cute, too. I have to find some time to go get mine cut. I am tired of growing it out. I want it to be short again. (I know, so fickle!)

They went home and the boys took a nap and Jenn did homework and M played on the computer or xbox and then I left the office at 5pm and ran to pick up the cake and meet them at Incredible Pizza for K's 6th birthday party! Woooo-hoooo!

He had a Power Ranger theme. It was pretty cool. Jenn's mom came and K's grandparents and dad and aunt and Sonya and Chuck were there with the kids. It was a good time. E and K were finally tall enough to do the bumper cars. They had so much fun and were ramming into one another and just squealing with delight. It was a sight to see!

We closed it down and took M home and got home around 10pm. They boys got ready for bed, but were still hopped up on go-go balls, so I let them stay up and play some new Gameboy Advance games that K got as gifts. They konked out by 10:30 when I went to tell them to turn them off.

Good times!

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