06 October 2007

Penny Pincher

I am always looking for a good deal or a coupon to save money. Most of us are, really. We have things we have to buy all the time, and I am a Target lover! I am there every week and I am always looking for their online deals, too. I got a couple online coupons for a purchase earlier in the week.

I got my latest purchase in the mail today and I just got them put together. They are these great organizers for the boys rooms. They are small enough that they can get into them for their clothes, socks, underwear. They have a big five drawer dresser that is too tall for them and the drawers are too heavy for them to open. They love these and they each have their own, so they think it is so cool. I was going to wait to give them to them for Christmas, but they probably wouldn't have thought they were cool if they had gotten them for Christmas!

And speaking of Christmas, I will have tons of shopping to do for the boys, and Jenn and even something for the dogs and cat, I suppose! I can get great coupons for Petco at CouponCheif.com, just like the 10% off that I used on the boys organizers. Right now, they have a coupon for free shipping and another for 15% off of cat furniture. Our cat would love something like a perch, that she could sit high on. I found several on their website.

Jenn has found a few things at Zales that she would like. Luckily I found a great coupon for 30% off of their already on sale items! I love these coupons!

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