06 November 2007

Getting Cold

Well, we have had the most beautiful weather the last few weeks. It is cold at night and in the early mornings, but it slowly gets up to around 70 F by afternoon and is just lovely. I have been taking the boys to the park a lot. They have played outside in the back almost every evening after I get home from work. They swing and slide and dig in the sandbox and they have a lot of bubble stuff that they have been blowing bubbles with. And don't forget sidewalk chalk!

Today, it is cold. (For Oklahoma, it is cold.) It was 40 F this morning and it still is around 50 F now, at noon. *sad* I am not ready to give up this wonderful weather we have been having. The meteorologist is saying we are in a freeze alert for tonight. It is supposed to be 30 F overnight. Wow.

I guess it is finally starting to be winter weather. It was so nice to actually have an Autumn. It has been years since we really have. It usually goes straight from summer to winter, with maybe 5 days of autumn-like weather. I am going to miss it.

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