06 November 2007

Garage Floor

We have a two car garage. It is full of all kinds of stuff. Some of it is leftover from when my grandparents owned the house. Some of it is Jenn's mom's furniture and boxes that we agreed to store until she got a bigger house. Some of it - in fact most of it, is boxes and boxes of old toys and books that were moved out there to "make room" for more toys and books that the kids have gotten for birthdays and holiday gifts.My mission is to clean out the garage and get rid of everything that isn't needed. I want to park in the garage again!

But one other problem we have in the garage is the old floor. It is concrete that was poured in the early 1960's. It is cracking in places and has many oil and car fluid stains that have accumulated over the decades of use. I have heard of garage flooring that you can put down, that will give an old garage floor a whole new look. There are many different colors to chose from - you can even mix and match them to make it look even more unique. I could probably do the floor of my garage for a couple of hundred dollars! I am definately looking into this soon, to complete all the home renovations that we have done over the last year.

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