01 November 2007


The boys had a blast on Halloween. They were Jedi Knights (from Star Wars) and looked pretty good. For some reason, their light sabres were not lighting up properly, but really, it was good not to have them flinging swords around!

The Friday before, we went to a Halloween Carnival at the Oklahoma State University - OKC Horticulture Building. It was really awesome. They had tons of games for the kids to play, like pin the tail on the cat, a cookie walk, bean bag toss, et cetera. They also had a little haunted house that the kids liked. The Bourland's and their 7 little ones came with us and all the kids had a great time!

Halloween night, the Hazlett's were in town (from St. Paul, MN) and we were SOOO glad to get to spend time with them and go Trick or Treating with them. It was a lot of fun. We headed over to the Gatewood Neighborhood (which was crazy packed with people) and trapsed up and down a few blocks. Jenn and I googled at all the homes we liked and wished that sometime we could live in the neighborhood.

It was a very fun Halloween!

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