21 October 2007


Well, we all got better and went to OSU Homecoming. It was such a blast. We got up there on Friday night and went to the "walk around", looking at all the fraternity and sorority house decorations and then headed over to Gallager Iba for the pep rally. The boys got footballs and they thought that was awesome.

The next morning we got up early and went downtown for the parade. The collected a TON of candy (you'd have thought it was Halloween) and had a lot of fun. The football game wasn't until 6 pm, so we went over to the alumni center and they had little activities and temporary tattoos for the kids. Their was lunch stuff as well, so we stayed around and ate. They also brought Bullet (the horse) out on the lawn and the kids got to see him.

They game was really good. We had excellent seats, right on the aisle, so the boys could get up and stretch their legs and hang out on the bar that seperated the sections. We were on the 10 yard line, about 40 rows up. We could really see everything.

It was a very long weekend and a lot of fun, but I think we decided that we won't go for the whole weekend again until the boys are a little bit older. But it was really cool to be back on the campus and show it to the kids and have them be like I was at their age - excited and wishing for the day when I could go there too.

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