12 November 2007

Lucky Duck!

Yes.... I am so happy. What a month this has turned out to be. I have today off (for Veteran's Day) and so I had a 3-day weekend. It was so nice. In fact, the boys were with their grandparent's, so we actually got to relax a little with NO KIDS around! *WOOT* We also got the garage cleaned out and worked in the backyard a little bit. It is so nice to get rid of things you no longer need or want!

I have a conference in Norman tomorrow and Wednesday, so I will be out of the office. And then I go in on Thursday - I have a meeting with a program director all afternoon and then we have Friday off (for Statehood Day). The Gov. declared it a state holiday and we are closed for all state holidays. *YIPEE*

Then, the next week is Thanksgiving, and our office is only going to be open on Mon. and Tues. So I get 5 days off! It has been like a semi-permenant vacation all month! Gotta love that!

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