18 November 2007


So, it's officially been 2 years now! Wow! Sometimes it really seems like it has been much longer. I feel like I have known Jenn forever. We had a relaxing day. The boys behaved very well and played together all day with no fighting. They didn't even throw a fit at naptime! Miricles never cease!

Jenn made me my favorite thing for dinner: Chicken Piccata. It was so amazingly wonderfully good. She makes the best Chicken Piccata I have EVER tasted! Seriously. And I have had it at some fancy places! LOL

She was going to make some brownies for dessert using the Deceptively Delicious recipe, but our kitchen sink got clogged and I told her not to stress over it all and make them another time. I think she will make them tomorrow. YUM!

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