24 November 2007


Jenn and I spent Thanksgiving in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (if you have never been, we HIGHLY recommend it). This was our first stay at the imfamous Crescent Hotel. We had been there before and looked around, but never actually stayed there. It was beautiful. (Jenn prefers the modern updates of a Marriot, but it was wonderful for a place built in 1886).

They had a wonderful Thanksgiving Brunch on Thursday. Our reservation wasn't until 1:45, so we got up that morning, took a little walk (little because it was so cold) and then got some breakfast. We went for a drive out to Beaver Lake and then came back to the room. We (I) watched some of the Ghosthunters (TAPS) Marathon on SciFi and we got ready for brunch.

The food was fabulous! I ate enough sweet potatoes to last me all year long! Jenn enjoyed the champagne and chocolate fountain. Their was lamb, prime rib, ham, turkey, chicken... I was glad we had had a little breakfast, because skipping the eggs, bacon and french toast allowed me more room for the millions of salads, side dishes and meats!

It was odd to not have our family all together, but it was a wonderful break for us and a nice Turkey Day meal. We even met some people from Tulsa that evening, when we went up to Dr. Baker's Lounge for a burger and a drink.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time there and would stay there again.

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