22 March 2008

Another Birthday

Well, another year older! I had a nice day. Jenn got up early and kept the boys from waking me up (until 9:30 am). She had them color cards for me and they came in and gave them to me and a new Dolly Parton CD. They were so cute and so excited.

I took the boys (and the dogs) to my parents. They played outside all day and my dad got them a new toy! A go-cart! It was pretty awesome and they had a blast with it. I was wishing that I was smaller or it was bigger so that I could drive it too!
Jenn came down with M about 4pm and she and the boys rode bikes and the go-cart until it was time for dinner. We went out to eat at an Italian restaurant and then took the kids to see Horton Hears A Who, which was just fabulous. I loved it.

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