20 May 2008


So, Jenn and I watched the Bachelorette last night. Normally, I am not into shows like this, but I sort of watched the Bachelor last season when DeAnna (the current bachelorette) was DUMPED and DUPED by the current bachelor. I was so sad for her, because she seems genuinely nice, kind and looking for love. So, I tuned in to see what kind of men were there for her to pick through.

I really think she did an incredible job at weeding out the guys for that first rose ceremony. It will be interesting to see how they all pan out. She cut 10 guys last night (from 25 to 15).

A group of us have a "fantasy bachelorette" game going. I had 3 bachelors and 2 of mine got cut. All 3 of Jenn's bachelors got a rose! Ugh! She may win!

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