01 May 2008

My Back

I have been off of work all week because of my back. It has been killing me. I have spent almost all week in bed, taking pain pills and had total cabin fever. Yesterday, I got up and walked around the house some. I got in the car and Jenn took me out for a drive (turning corners hurt) and to get some lunch. It was good to go out and move around a little.

Finally, yesterday evening, I was able to take the splint off of my ankle and walk around the house. It is feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I was even able to bend over some what, but I cannot twist from side to side without feeling a sharp pain.

I only took a little Motrin yesterday morning and tried to get through the day without anything stronger but by bedtime, I needed a pain pill. I took one so I could sleep and I guess it did a good job, because I woke up about 5am this morning, twisted around on my stomach and in pain. I finally got myself flipped around on my back, took a half a pain pill and propped myself on some pillows.

Two steps forward and one back, I guess. I am not feeling so hot this morning.

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